Here you’ll find my little dream seed. Just at the beginning of its germination. This seed has been plucked out of the soil for many years now, hindering its growth, however, with discovery on the horizon, I have some natural healings coming your way:

All things Yoga:: Guided meditation, breath work, asana (physical) practice, sattvic living.

Book classes/free consultation: Once the teaching kicks off, I’ll be happy to assist and guide you towards grounding yourself in a creative healthy mind and body.

Herbal Remedies: DIY, fun facts, recipes, tinctures, soaps, teas, and so forth.

Shop Love: Don’t forget to check out my wee little shop when it’s set up! In it you’ll find organic products from amazing local crafties, handmade love made by yours truly and other amazing gems made by beautiful creatives.

As I said, this is all in the works. We’re still setting up, but thanks for taking your time to boogy your way on over here at RisingDawn.

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PS. Your support is beyond appreciated, and we hope to give back all the love has been received, for that is nature’s way.