My name is Alora Dawn and I am a wombyn with a lot of curiosity. 

I am curious about what true health for an individual looks like; what true health for community looks like. I am curious about the miraculous functions of the body; curious about the miraculous functions of nature. I am curious about how the miraculous functions of nature work with the miraculous functions of the body; I am curious about all of the knowledge that we have forgotten; curious about all the wisdom that awaits us if we just ask for it.

I am curious.

I know, the path to self-love is not an easy path, but it is a necessary path for healing, health and evolution, and you’re not alone in this journey.  


The intention is to give.

The mission is to advocate organic well-being.

The aim is to keep things simple yet effective.

The dream is a platform that drips with collaborative expression.

The purpose is growth.

And together, we can elevate the spirit with natural radiance, just like the spirit of the rising dawn.

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