“Phinéas” Sticker


  • 3.5″ diameter
  • Matte finish
  • With Love

Calling on the energy of the owl helps us navigate through the shadows by reminding us to follow the light of our intuition. .

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These stickers were originally hand-drawn by an amazing craftie that I know in town. He draws for hours on end, just for the love of creativity– I personally reached out and wished to advocate his art, since each line is drawn with the intention of love and straight magik.

These stickers can be bought individually or in bulk.

Individual stickers are $3– 2 stickies for $5– 5 for $13.

If you wish to have more, contact us!



PS. Your support for creativity and art is beyond appreciated. With each purchase, you may get a little somethin’, somethin’ extra.

(Shipping not included)

If you’re vibin’ with the art, check out the amazing artist here:

Insta: thesacredcreative Website: thesacredcreative.com


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