“Cosmic Falcon” Holographic Sticker


  • 4″ diameter
  • Holographic rainbow
  • Infused with Magik

Calling forth one’s higher self, channeling ancient medicine to reflect inspiration and creative freedom.

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This art has been made by a local artist who draws straight outta love. Money is never his intention. We see the value in his crafts and reached out. The belief is this: every creative, every person, deserves to know that there is value in their creative expression.

The detail and energy used to create this Magik makes for an inspirational sticker to carry around for your own dreamy endeavors.

Each sticker can be bought individually or in bulk.

1 sticker is $6. 2 for $10. 5 for $25.

If you wish to have more or another amount, just let us know! We can always make something work with a little love and teamwork.



PS. We appreciate you supporting the inner-child’s creativity, so within each purchase you may get a little somethin’, somethin’ extra!

(Shipping not included)

If you’re vibin’ with the art, check out the amazing artist here:

Insta: thesacredcreative

Website: thesacredcreative.com

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