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You all know what happens when we take life too seriously. Yes, you do. I don’t even want to hear it. Look, all I’m saying is, once you realize this is a game instead of work, you are already two steps ahead of the rest of the schmucks. This is the ultimate guide for learning how to say “F*ck it” to being a schmuck and getting the most out of life.

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Learn how to say F*ck It


If you found yourself reading this post, it probably means you’re ready to shout  F*ck it, and live to let live! By the end of this read, you should be ready to stand nude with everything that you are hanging free in the breeze, like my good friend here.

There’s much more power behind the philosophy of “F*ck it” than most of us realize. They’re powerful words, because behind them, is powerful intention, acceptance, a spiritual act, if you will.

It carries within itself a small window that holds absolute willpower and zero fear, allowing clear decision making and fearless action because you’re not blindsided by worry, stress, anxieties etc.

“F*ck it” simply means to let go.

Letting go of the things that matter too much, too little; letting go of the things that cause us pain.

“F*ck it” is allowing ourselves to let go of the rock and flow with life’s current rather than against it.


Try it yourself

I’m sure you have already had an experience with “F*ck it” at some point in your life. And I’m sure you’ve witnessed it’s power to shock the negativity  right out of your mind’s socket and the relaxation that follows in pursuit.

But if you haven’t used the goodwill of “F*ck it”,  try something now. Think of something small, or big, that you’d like to do but often find resistance towards actually doing it. Jumping jacks, dancing, going for a walk, writing, doing something for someone, for yourself, whatever, and when you think of it and find that resisting force acting up, think “F*ck it”.

You’ll see what happens next.

It’s an instant freedom that allows you to act or not to act. It allows stress to dissolve.  Remember, it’s a small window of time, because tension always returns, so you might have to repeat, or act upon it once you feel its liberation.

But once you do feel that brief liberation, imagine what practicing it all the time could bring.

Go on, pause your reading and try it.

I used this technique whenever I wanted to shake things up a bit.

I was in Scotland with very little cash and it stressed the hell out of me. I wanted to be able to let go of my worries for I knew it only added to the problem, never contributing to a solution.  So, I thought, “I’ll give away 20 euros to a random person.” The thought flooded me with all kinds of resistance and stress, “No, don’t do that you big idiot. Then you’ll be even more broke. Hold on to every dime you have. What if that, what if this…” I thought, “F*ck it”, which instantly released all those pestering thoughts, allowing me to act thusly. It felt great. Plus, I made somebody’s day.

And no, it didn’t resolve my money issues. But it did strip my stress and worry away from my current predicament, allowing me to think straight. I became creative. Playful.  I thought of my money predicament as a puzzle, a game, allowing me to resolve my situation without being choked out by stress.

Whenever life gets hard, you have to remember that stress is a reaction to causation, not a solution, and it will change nothing in your current predicament. So, wouldn’t it be better to try to resolve it in a relaxed stated?

That’s why we use “F*ck it”.

Ya feel?

I let stress out of the cage and it flew into freedom.

The sense of liberation that came flooding in after I made it clear to my mind that the tension was unwelcome, my mind and body relaxed.

Then amazing things followed in pursuit. Truly. I stopped swimming against the exhausting rapids of worry and trusted the float on my back down the inevitable days through Scotland.

I met performers, musicians, amazing people that offered us a place in their communal home after bumping into them right where we pitched our “F*ck it” tent.

Good things naturally occurred.

Because I didn’t need to impede on nature, because I, nor the rest of us, know how to anyway.

So “F*ck it”, be patient, and let nature take its course.


I used “F*ck it” to pursue travel, to dance on many stages and to leave behind the stress of having to improve myself so I can actually improve myself. Don’t worry, you’ll get it later. And if you don’t, “F*ck it”, keep reading.

I was inspired to do these things when I stumbled into  the book “F*ck it, the Ultimate Spiritual Guide” written by John C. Parkin, which is one of the main contributors to this handy little guide you’ll soon see it to be. If you want the book yourself, check the link at the bottom of this page!

You can use “F*ck it” for the do’s and the don’ts.

“I should go for a run. “F*ck it.” Do it.

Or if you feel pressured/stressed about running, “F*ck it.” Don’t do it.

Either way, you’ll find a sense of liberation from the stress, anxieties, fear and worries of having to do something.

Once you let go of feeling like you have to, you’ll, here it comes again, naturally want to.

“F*ck it” is a westernized idea of the Buddhist mantra of “letting go.”

“F*cking it”, “Letting go”, moves mountains, creates adventure and relaxes you and your body.

This short guide will teach you (how to say):

You will soon discover a whole shabang of liberty that comes flying in with this little technique.

Right, F*ck it, enough explanation. Let’s get on with it.

(You don’t have to read it in any particular order. Click whichever one is more relatable to you.  But I would strongly recommend reading the “F*ck it technique and Why you should use “F*ck it” first, which is just a scroll down!)

F*ck it Technique


Think of whatever it is that causes you stress; money, love, weight, whatever it may be.

Think of it now.

You’ll notice the stress that arrives tenses your mind, tenses your body.

Hold that stressful thought in your mind, imagine it. No, really, imagine it.

Now think, “F*ck it! I’m fine and totally okay with how and where I am. Right now, in this very moment, I am okay. I am here. ”

Even if you don’t want to believe that you’re happy with who you are or what you’re doing, just believe it in that moment, feel it in that moment. That’s the trick.

To feel “F*ck it” is to feel freedom.

And don’t worry about your self-deprecating future you. Believe in the present “F*ck it” you in that very moment.

While you’re doing this, bring your attention to your jaw; you’ll notice it relax, now your neck, it eases, your shoulders drop and your back loosens.

It even helps if you throw in a little breathing technique in there.

Breeeeaaaathe in “F*ck it” and exhaaaale the stress out.

Take a moment to try it. Don’t take my word for it. Experience it yourself. That’s important.

Now, if you allow yourself this moment of mental relaxation, you’ll notice a bodily relaxation.

There’s a definite correlation between our backaches, headaches, neck aches, grey hairs, ect., and our mental stress. It nots up our body, it nots up our life. Yet, most of us don’t even realize the power of mental stress,  Have your daily dose of “F*ck it” to relax your mind and your body. It’s what the doctor ordered.

Holding on does nothing for us.

So, shout it with me, “FUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKKK ITTT!!”

We can’t hold onto something that we will eventually have to let go of.

Life streams and we can’t hold onto flowing water, we can’t swim against its current for too long, it’s exhausting.

Let it go. “F*ck it” and flow.

If you actually try this, you’ll see what I am saying is true.

Remember, tension in our body and our mind always returns, so it’s important to practice letting go by saying “F*ck it” more than once.

Just like you might need to get a muscle massage more than once, in the same sense, massage your mental tension away with “F*ck it” when needed.


Why you should use “F*ck it”

Stress is a vice grip on life. Stress constricts the flow and backs the hose up. If you let stress and seriousness grasp onto life too tight, you’ll end up choking the life out of life. If you let it go, if you “F*ck it”, you’ll get where you’ll need to be naturally and the water will coming streaming through the hose in no time.

And eventually, if you repeat this (its not a one time thing) you’ll soon realize the nature (getting the theme?) of your being will take it’s course, you will continue to grow and mature right along with the nature of your hair and nails, and you’ll achieve all the fruitful abundance life has to offer without the unnecessary stress, the unnecessary hurry, just like abundant apple tree being rewarded for it’s patient, natural labour.

“Nature never hurries, yet everything is accomplished.”

Think of it like this:

What if we didn’t have to improve? What if we didn’t need to get better? I know, sounds too simple, too insane. We have to be the very best, have the most money, look amazing and make it to the top as soon as we possibly can, don’t we.

But what happens if we say”F*ck it” to all of it?

Isn’t the idea of not having to a relaxing thought?

It is, isn’t?

Okay, so what’s next?

We said “F*ck it”, we no longer care about being successful, looking sexy, finding love. We’re totally content and relaxed with exactly who we are and what we have.

Do we stop achieving? Growing? I mean, does nature ever stop?

What do you think?

You’ll see what happens when you get out of your own way.

Your nature will take its course.

I know it sounds too simple, but isn’t true that we, as humans, have always felt like we had to take it upon ourselves to improve society, improve ourselves, improve nature.

But the truth of it is, we don’t know how.

So instead, we get in the way, hindering a natural process that’s been going on since the beginning of time. Including ourselves.

And don’t you think, if we did know how to properly intervene, the nature of society, the nature of ourselves, would already be improved to its best degree, its best version?

Look at what happens when we try to intervene with mother nature. We tend to destroy it. But if we leave it alone, it blooms beautifully. What if the same goes for us?

So, “F*ck it” allows you to get out of your own way. To observe. To watch. To understand your nature.

You will begin to see yourself grow upward and outward.

And don’t be in a hurry to understand. The most beautiful accomplishments of man and nature alike have taken its time.

Say F*ck it to success


This is a biggie. I’m sure most of you are thinking this is ridiculous. But hold on, you negative nellies, let me explain, will ya?

I struggle with this from time to time. As we all do.

But before we can say “F*ck it” to success, we need to figure out how we define success.

For me, success means achievement. In any shape. In any form.

And achievement has its ugly cousin right around the corner, waiting to spring out.


And stress usually induces us to hurry.

And being hurried usually causes us to miss out on the small, yet important, details in life.

But thanks to the great works of John C. Parkin, I’m learning to let go of this need to succeed and begin to do what I’ve always wanted to within my own time frame, remembering the importance of detail.

Like this blog, for instance.

This blog has taken me ages. I struggled with the pressures of hurrying to make it succeed, creating, doubt, all the nuisances of human thought.

But I’ve said “F*ck it” months ago, repeatedly, on a day-to-day basis, and it’s been coming out in its own time.

You see, “F*ck it” kind of works like reverse psychology.

When we have to, we don’t want to.

When we don’t have to, we want to.

It goes something like this:

When we have to, it creates resistance. You’ve probably noticed something similar, like trying to get up to go to the gym or something.

“Ugg, I have to go to the gym today.” You barely want to get up to do it. You feel stressed about it, pressured.

And you’ve probably experienced the opposite, where you just wanted to. No resistance. So you just do it.

But usually, we do find a weird resistance towards the things we, deep down, want to do for ourself.

So, the book wisely suggests to say “F*ck it”.

“F*ck” it, I don’t have to (enter whatever it is you feel like you have to do here).

Then something magical will happen.

You’ll end up realizing that you don’t have to, feel liberated from its pressure, and over the course of time, you will naturally begin to want to.


Having to study or read for a class VS. reading a book/researching on your own time.

Having to go into work for money VS. working on something for yourself with no deadline.

We tend to believe success is an over-night thing.

This is the biggest lie of lies.

We tend to feel like we have to succeed right away. And this amount of pressure that we put on ourselves to ‘succeed right away’ usually causes us to drop the ball and give up (fail).

We drop the ball, we give up, because we think ahead, we think of everything that ‘success’ entails, we overlook the baby step and imagine the massive leap, and that leap scares us away from truly succeeding. “That leap is too much, I could never make it.”

So, “F*ck it”.

Say, “I have succeeded so far. I’ve accomplished life, because I, am living.”

Take away the pressure. The hurry. The rush.

No artist, businessman, student, doctor- anybody or anything, for that matter, that has been created by the energy of nature, has ever truly accomplished anything right away. Ever.

And you don’t have to either.

Take your time. Set your own standards of success. Don’t think of the leap, think of the baby step. And over time, each baby step will have accumulated the leap you were so afraid of.

Say “F*ck it* to success, and success will come your way.


Say F*ck it to losing weight


Food is a biggie for a lot people.  All the diets, all the ‘good’ foods, ‘bad’ foods. Being told how we should intervene with our personal bodies form impersonal magazines, weight-watchers and insecure celebrities.

And haven’t you noticed when you try to go on a diet, and make something off-limits, you tend to want it more? And in the end, you usually lose the fight.

So, have a go at this perspective.

Supermarkets have developed funny foods in recent years in order to constrain what we eat and how we should diet:

  • Wheat- free pasta
  • Cocoa- free chocolate
  • Caffeine-free coffee.
  • Dairy-free ice-cream

A line from the book reads:

“It’s just so funny. I’m looking forward to the following: FOOD-FREE. Food-free lasagne, food-free pizza.

Food-free lasagne is my favorite. It contains a microwavable container inside. You prick the plastic lid with a fork, then pop it in the microwave for just a minute. And it’s done. You tear off the lid and inside are scraped remains. You pop it straight in the bin. And you feel as if you’ve gone through the whole meal experience.”

He collaborates humor into this point because he states when you realize how much food consumes us, more so then we do it, it’s just funny.

And “F*ck it” is all about humour.

He suggests to realize how conscious you are of food. How it makes you feel when you think about it. Notice what you’re like when you’re eating good food that you think you should be eating, and notice how you feel when you’re eating bad food that you think you shouldn’t be eating. Just get an idea of how much food really matters to you.

“Then have a little giggle about it. Otherwise you’ll cry.”

If you’re trying to abstain from bad food or forcing yourself to like ‘good food’, you’re building up a lot of stress, a lot of resistance in a fight that you will end up losing. So, say “F*ck it”, give yourself the chocolate bar. Binge out. And when you feel bad about it later, “F*ck it”.

Once you take away this importance you have built up around food, you’ll naturally begin to want to sustain your body properly.

Because it’s no longer an ‘off-limit’ thing.

Stop making food such a big thing, it causes a lot of tension.

First, accept things as they are: maybe you’re a little chubby, maybe you’re a total porker“, but accept it as you are… at least within that moment. Once you feel that tension again, “F*ck it”, feel your acceptance, eat the entire thing of cookies, then one day you’ll notice, “Hell, I want a salad.”

Once you take food off its pedestal, it’s no longer in sight. And your body will take its natural course, and it will begin to lose the weight you added from the stress of false-promising diets.

All this acceptance will have the definite effect of relaxing you.

Say “F*ck it” to your diet, “F*ck it” when the voices starting coming. How about saying “F*ck it” and eating what you truly fancy for your next meal? Say “F*ck it” afterwards when you start to feel bad. And go with it and see what happens. If you put on a bit of weight, say, yep, “F*ck it”.

My bet is that you will start to get over your issues around food.

My bet is that once you can eat whatever the hell you want, you wont need to stuff the whole of a birthday cake into your mouth in one go because you can have more later, or tomorrow.

My bet is that without all the tension around ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods, you may well want to begin to eat some foods that you thought you were ‘good’ but were so painful to eat. You’ll find that you actually like eating these foods.

And finally, my bet is that eventually, you will start to lose weight. If you’re still saying “F*ck it”, it shouldn’t really matter anyway. If it matters less to you that you’re adding weight, it should also matter less when you  begin to lose it. Sure, give yourself a little smile when you begin to feel good about yourself, but you can still say “F*ck it” and give yourself a choccie bar.

When you say “F*ck it,” you lose your desire for whatever it is that you wanted oh so badly, and that’s the moment you start to get it.

So, say “F*ck it”, accept how things are, get out of your own way, and watch your nature, once again, take it’s healthy course.

Say “F*ck it” to Fear


If you have been an observant fellow, you’ve probably noticed we tend to live in two modes: Love, or fear.

“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s fear”.

We can either live in love with life- embracing it fully, feeling its ecstasy, and when we go out to life in love, we are completely open.

Or the opposite mode being fear. And in fear, we’re closed off to life. We go inside and hide. We stick our heads under the ground and miss out on the sunrise. We block ourselves off from experience.

And whats the human experience without experience?

Im going to quote another paragraph from the book, because I love the analogy:

Most of us are constantly moving between these two modes. It’s a bit like a game of snakes and ladders. We bound up the ladders of love, sucking up life for all that it is. Then we hit scary snakes and slide down them as we retreat from life.


And yes, it’s rational to be afraid of some things

It’s understandable to be afraid of things that expose us to danger. Snakes, spiders, even the fear of blood, they all impose the possibility of something serious that could happen or is happening.

But we can’t let natural fears get out of hand.

Instead of being afraid, just be aware of the dangers instead of fearful.

Be aware of how dangerous driving a car is, but don’t be afraid.

Be aware of the troubles that can occur when you travel, but never afraid.

The origin of fear

Fear grows from the experience of pain, usually.

Something happens- it hurts- and naturally so, we want to avoid it from ever happening again.

For example, you go out for your routinely run, but you trip and sprain your ankle.

The next time you think of running, you feel fear rise up.

Which is another load of fear you can add to the sackful of fears you’ve gained over past experiences that have also caused you pain.

The problem with this being- anything we attach meaning to, anything we hold importance to in our life, has the potential to cause us pain. So, it’s possible to develop fear over anything and everything.

Remember, it’s natural to be fearful over something that has previously caused us pain, it’s the mind’s way of trying to protect us. But if you have to take control of it, before it controls you and hides you away from life.

We all know people who seem to be absolutely fearless. They are adventurous and confident, out in the world loving their lives. Yet they are likely to have experienced as much ‘pain’ as anyone: in fact, they have probably experienced more pain, given they were more likely to have been flying down that black slope blizzard or overtaking on a corner.

How much fear is apparent in our lives is dependent not on how much pain we experience- but how we respond to pain.

Most of us, since birth, have been taught that it was okay and safe to be in pain, or that it wasn’t.

And whichever one that you live by is what generates that sackful of fear that you may or may not live with.

Try this

Look at how you are around pain. Maybe you panic a little, a lot, whether it’s about cutting your finger, the possibility of sickness, bad news; you’ll probably notice the unsettling company of panic come knocking.

Tell yourself that there’s nothing to panic about. “I am safe, no matter what I’m feeling.”

This is a self-canceling affirmation. You’re clearly not feeling safe, but you tell yourself that you are, even if you’re feeling otherwise.

“It’s worth trying.

Once you learn how to say “F*ck it” to pain, you’ll crack fear.

Pain is the root to the perennial weed of fear.

Rip it out by the brute force of “F*ck it”!

Every time you encounter pain, counter your immediate response by simply saying, “F*ck it”.

“You are safe. In the end, nothing matters.  Give in to pain and you can give in to life.”

You’ll begin to notice the more you stick your middle finger up to pain, your fears will evaporate and in its place comes libido: love and lust for life.

This process has real momentum: the less you fear, the more you crave doing things that would have previously scared you. And the more that you do, the more that you get out there, the more you realize you can do and the more you realize there is to do.

Say “F*ck it” to pain and you’ll be saying “F*ck it” to fear.


“F*ck it”, I’m done writing.


And that sums up my short guide of screaming “F*ck it” to the winds and ripping 60 mph on a long board down a bombing hill!

Well, in my case, anyway.

You can use this technique for just about anything in life: Relationships, jobs, issues, searching, money, illness… the list goes on and on!

It’s freeing. Liberating. And it’s simple.

And don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself!

That’s the issue with most things nowadays. People go off of hearsay instead of personal experience, and I’m only spouting off the “F*ck it” philosophy because I’ve used it, I didn’t just read it, and in my personal experience, it was magical to my life.

Okay, guys, that’s it.

Now, F*ck off, and go live!


If you want this epic book yourself

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